Gimme Shelter

Let’s play a game called Guess What iPhone App I Just Downloaded? Hint: it’s not Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. (Though those are both fun apps.) Nope. It’s the new […]

Check In On Foursquare When You Donate Blood!

Smartphone user? Apparently, this means my phone is “dumb,” but for those with more cell phone firepower, today marks the launch of an exciting new foursquare app for blood donors! […]

iPads, Accelerometers and Empire 2.0!

Sounds intriguing, right? If you’re a fan of NPR, tech gadgets or just staying awake at the office, tune in live to our latest Ready Radio show, hosted by PDX.FM! […]

Geneva Conventions: There’s An App For That.

That’s right, my fellow iPhonites! You can now access the full text of the Geneva Conventions (as well as the following Protocols) wherever you are with the free Geneva Conventions […]

One More Reason To Get An iPhone

For a couple of months now – much to the annoyance of my friends and coworkers – I’ve been singing constant praises of my new iPhone.  But now I have […]