Bob Porter: Why I Help

So are we allowed to play favorites when it comes to volunteers? I mean, they are all FABULOUS, but we can especially adore a couple of them, right? Right?

Okay, maybe not. But if it WAS okay, Bob Porter, one of our disaster mental health volunteers, would be at the very top of my list.

Bob came to meet me on one of my first days in the office and was warm and friendly and made me feel completely welcomed. He explained the concept of disaster mental health — providing emotional support to those struck by tragedy — and gave me lots of handouts. And, best of all, he agreed to do several interviews for me during last fall’s TOPOFF drill.

[FYI — anyone who knows me knows that doing media interviews, at a moment’s notice, without ever complaining, shoots you to the very top of my list fast.]

Anyway, I’m not the only one who thinks Bob is great. Today, he’s featured on the front page of our national website answering the question, “Why I Help.”

Take the time to read Bob’s story. I have a feeling you’ll like him as much as I do.