Disaster Mental Health Tips: Hula Hoops and Beyond

Hula hoops, dominoes and playing cards. These were the first things our mental health volunteer, Carol, bought when she landed in flizzarding* Fargo.  She knows that little things go a long way […]

Bob Porter: Why I Help

So are we allowed to play favorites when it comes to volunteers? I mean, they are all FABULOUS, but we can especially adore a couple of them, right? Right? Okay, […]

Helping Military Families Cope With Deployments

Did you know that Oregon is one of only 16 states (plus Washington, DC) to offer the Red Cross’ new Coping With Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families course? […]

Gearhart Memorial Service Tonight

Aside from providing emotional support following a disaster, the Red Cross may well be called upon for other things. Included on the list? Arranging memorial services. Tonight, the Oregon Trail […]

Providing Support in Gearhart

Yesterday, tragedy struck along the Oregon coast, when a rented plane struck a rented house in Gearhart. Five people, including three children, were killed. A situation of this magnitude in […]