Saving A Life At The Athletic Club

Last week I posted a cool story, courtesy of Health & Safety director Stephanie Morgan. In a stunning coincidence, fellow blogger Eldon posted virtually the same thing at the exact same time. Then, in a mind-boggling turn of events, we saw each other’s post and deleted our own at virtually the same moment.


So, just in case you missed the story — which was only up for less than an hour the first time — here it is:

On October 30, a patron at the Sunset Athletic Club collapsed at the service desk after completing a run.

The staff immediately called 9-1-1 and began CPR. Another staff member retrieved the AED and the team proceeded to shock the victim just as paramedics were arriving. After one shock, the victim regained consciousness and was able to speak – even laughing after a few minutes. He was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, but is now doing fine.

As Stephanie said, this is a great example of why having AEDs and people trained in CPR is so important. It’s also validation of the legislation passed a few years ago requiring health clubs to have AEDs in their facility if they have more than 100 guests per day.

I have no doubt that this team will be nominated for our Breakfast of Champions event in March. If you know of an individual, team or even an animal (!) that deserves this honor, you can nominate them here!

One thought on “Saving A Life At The Athletic Club

  • This is a great story of why CPR training and emergency supplies need to be Athletic Clubs. Health clubs should be encouraged to offer First Aid refresher courses, have working, up to date AEDs, and they should also think of investing in modern “smart” emergency technologies.

    I’m so glad this was a happy ending! Congrats to the life-saving staff!

    ~Sarah Wood :: Changing the Face of First Aid

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