Come See Us At Wordstock!

If you couldn’t already tell, Robin and I are word buffs. We like puns and coining new terms and writing, in general. We also like reading, as is evidenced by the copy of Love in the Time of Cholera that’s sitting in front of me right now (Sorry Dede! I promise I’ll give it back!).

Point being, if Robin weren’t off cooking veggie chili this weekend, she would probably be hanging out at Wordstock, the awesome festival for word lovers.

And Robin and I wouldn’t be the only Red Crossers there this weekend. Our chapter will actually have a table set up in the Convention Center where we’ll be selling…wait for it…BOOKS! You’ll be able to pick up the family first aid guide, dog/cat first aid and a book about family caregiving. There are also accompanying DVDs and useful prepare-aphernalia like breathing barriers and first aid kits.

So if you’re a book lover, word fanatic or just want to pick up a few Red Cross products for your loved ones this holiday season, stop by Wordstock. And, don’t forget, you can always shop our store 24/7.


  • You do not love reading. That book has been sitting on your desk for more than a year and you have never cracked the cover. You need to give it back to Dede so someone who truely likes to read can read it!

  • Man, Erica, you are such a Negative Nelly! Actually, I’ve read about 1/2 the book. Since I don’t devote my lunch hour to reading (ahem), I get it done at a slower pace.

    If it makes you feel better, I read one entire book (500 pages or so) on the filght to Detroit and another one of the same size on the flight back. And finished both. So there.

  • I think the correct term is Negative Nancy. Anyway, if are capable of reading an entire 500 page book in one short flight, why has it taken you more than a year to read half that book? Your excuses are lame!

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