Staying Out Of Stranger Danger

What would your child do if they were home alone and there was a knock at the door? Or if they got a phone call from a stranger? It’s easy to assume your kids know what to do in these situations, but how can you be sure they’re really prepared?

On tonight’s news, KPTV‘s Kevin Coari will take on the topic of kids’ safety when left at home alone. According to the promos, he’ll contact children to see if they answer the phone…and what information they give out if they do.

I have no doubt what Kevin finds will leave us all a little shaken, which is why I’m telling you in advance that if you’re at all concerned about “stranger danger” and leaving your kids home alone, you might want to sign them up for our When I’m In Charge classes, designed to keep children safe in these situations.

No one wants to scare people into action, but this is one case where exercising a little caution and preparedness really is a good idea. Thanks for the tip, Eldon!

Photo courtesy of deleatur