KGW Hearts Twitter (And Us!)

I’ve been meaning to give a little shout out to KGW (KGWNewsChannel8) and their Twitter-ificness. They’ve been doing a fabulous job of tweeting and actually did a story last week about the real-time social networking tool.

As part of their research, the 7 p.m. live newscast (TheSquare) asked Twitter users how they’d describe the service…in 140 characters or less. I responded with the following:

Twitter keeps people connected in real time…but challenges those of us who are verbose. It’s a social media brainteaser!

They then went on to use the definitions (including ours!) on the newscast. A really short, but really sweet, mention of our social media work. We love it and thanks KGW!

So how would you define Twitter? Are you a regular user? Do you follow us on Twitter? No? You should!

P.S. You can also follow one of my very favorite reporters on Twitter — StephStricklen. We go way back and I can assure you that Steph is 100% genuine and totally awesome.

P.P.S. If you want to see the KGW story, click here. And if you want to see a cute explanation of how Twitter works by CommonCraft (Scott, you’ll like this!), click here. Thanks Aaron for the link!


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