Books To Put On Your Wishlist

Books are almost always a safe bet for holiday presents. Here’s a round up of a few we think are gift-worthy:

Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom
Lise showed me this yesterday. It artfully lays out all kinds of how-to’s from changing a tire to CPR. Of course, it’s no substitute for an actual CPR class, but it would make an adorable coffee table book.
by Amanda Ripley
This is probably the best book I read all year. Unlike the jaw-dropper of a title, the book itself isn’t scary. It leaves you with a sense of hope rather than fear, and an awe at the human capacity to handle extreme situations. 
With a combination of hard research and touching ture stories, it offers a look into the human psyche during disaster, and really illustrates why it’s important to know – and have practiced – your safety skills before you need them.
by Malcolm Gladwell
Like The Tipping Point and Blink, Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book draws conclusions from real-life events about why we do what we do. The focus this time is on people and situations that are different from the norm – the outliers. Gladwell himself says of the book: I think that we learn more from extreme circumstances than anything else; disasters tell us something about the way we think and behave that we can’t learn from ordinary life.
by Charles Goodrich and Kathleen Dean Moore and Frederick J. Swanson

A handful of writers reflect on the Mount St. Helens disaster from both creative and geological perspectives. Contributors include not only well known sci-fi author Ursula K. Leguin, but also one of our own Red Crossers’ dad!
by William Sullivan
As in biggest, not best. Written by local author William Sullivan, it chronicles Oregon disasters from the distant past to the future. Yes, I said the future.


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