National President & CEO: “We Must Strengthen Red Cross Chapters”

While our staff and volunteers have been working day and night on Emergency Warming Centers, I’ve been in DC at a meeting of Chapter Executives from across the country facilitated by our national President and CEO, Gail McGovern.
There are almost 750 Red Cross Chapters across the country. Gail is determined to ensure that every Chapter is strong and vibrant in terms of service delivery. And she’s equally determined to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness by which those Chapters operate.
Gail and her senior team invited 30 of us to an intensive two-day work session to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Chapter network nationwide. I’ve been a big fan of Gail since she was hired. Yet again, I was impressed with Gail’s insight, candor and eagerness for input from the front lines. I’ll keep you updated as Gail develops her plans to make us stronger and more efficient. 


  • As a longtime volunteer who has seen the ups and mostly downs in recent years with National ARC and their “reorganizations” which only seem to make the chapters more apprehensive about our leadership, let’s hope President McGovern actually applies her skills and abilities to making this organization the respected one it once was and restore some confidence to our volunteers and small chapter leadership across the country. Also let’s hope she restores our museum and historical department to it’s place in our organization and get it out of the Warehouse where we have now packed 100 plus years of our history and story.

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