Meet Mista Twista…And Remix Him!

There’s a fine line between the intentionally campy and the unintentionally, uh, awkward. And I’m sure the Central Illinois chapter knows the difference.

My belief is that they’ve crafted this completely awesome and totally amazing video with the hopes that it will go viral and be passed along for the humor while subtly educating viewers about tornado safety along the way. Check it out — this really can’t be missed.

Yes, Mista Twista, we wish you well on your journey from teaching kids in the classroom to humoring hipsters on YouTube.

And, as a tribute, we’re asking our readers to put their sampling skills to the test by crafting their own MISTA TWISTA REMIX! We’ll post ’em on the blog and maybe put something in the mail to thank you for your hard work.

Remix away and thanks to the Central Illinois chapter for providing such great inspiration!

One thought on “Meet Mista Twista…And Remix Him!

  • Hi, it's the Red Cross Central Illinois Chapter (@RedCrossCIC)! You are exactly right — we made this with an intentionally high schlock factor and grainy garage-video quality to make it hilarious … and hopefully viral.
    Thanks for the mention!! Love ur blog.

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