There’s no “doubt” Alaskans need to be prepared

Okay, forgive my terrible pun, but after 20 years of dormant life, Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt began burping up ash plumes this weekend and I couldn’t resist. A cloud of gray soot-like dust is streaming over the northern Anchorage area and my Alaskan friends have started freaking out. Anticipating a volcanic eruption may be difficult, but being prepared when it occurs is fairly simple…and the Alaska Red Cross has dedicated a page for simple steps on how to prepare for this emergency:

  • Seek indoor shelter and seal any openings that could be entry sites for volcanic ash
  • Develop a family disaster plan, with special consideration that ash may travel far away geographically from the eruption site
  • Gather disaster supplies kit basics, especially a pair of goggles and a throw-away breathing mask for each member of the household
  • In order to listen for further information from authorities, it may be wise to have “prepare-aphernalia” on hand like a self-powered radio/flashlight/USB charger device

As I read that Alaska Airlines canceled 19 flights out of Anchorage International this morning, having some of these items on hand will at least save you from a boredom emergency when stranded in the airport!


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