Flickr Find: Another (Cute) Blood Hero

It seems we’ve had a couple Flickr Finds this week of cute boys who donate blood. This guy’s name is Kevin Farris, and guess what? He’s from Portland, Oregon!

According to Kevin’s photo caption on his Flickr page, he gave a Double Red Cell (DRC) donation for the first time yesterday. With type O- blood, he’s also considered a “Universal Donor” because people of all blood types can receive transfusions of O- blood. This means that Kevin’s blood type is particularly important in emergency situations when there is not enough time to figure out the recipient’s blood type before a transfusion.

The photo posted here is pretty small. Check out a better version on Kevin’s Flickr account here. Thanks to Kevin for saving up to 6 lives with his Double Red Cell donation AND for being a super cute advocate of blood donation!


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