Hey! Like free stuff that saves your life?

If you answered no to this…you may want to seek professional help.

The point of this post is, for qualifying individuals (senior citizens and those with disabilities or lower incomes), the Portland Fire Department will not only provide but also deliver and install smoke alarms free of charge! Contact the fire department at 503.288.0130 to find out if you qualify!

Even if you don’t qualify, check to see that you have alarms with a hush feature and a ten-year battery in every bedroom and level of your residence. If not, your leaser must legally provide them to you, so guess what? You still score the free alarms!! Confronting this topic with your manager shouldn’t be awkward either, since they tend to care whether or not their properties burn down!

If you are a home owner and don’t qualify for free smoke detectors, please consider a visit to your local hardware store. The alarms are fairly inexpensive (many usnder $20) and provide your home with a simple but critical service.

Artwork courtesy of www.tendringdc.gov.uk