Don’t Ignore the Chirp

Five nights ago, I started hearing a high-pitched chirping in my house. I recognized it immediately. My smoke alarm’s batteries had seen better days. I don’t spend a lot of […]

Safety tips we have learned from LOST

LOST ended it’s epic run last night, and it has left us with many messages. Some are more obvious than others. Target helped point out one major lesson, and that […]

Together We Prepare New Columbia and Tamarack

For our chapter, when disaster strikes in a neighborhood, is isn’t enough to offer prevention strategies through literature alone…we’ve decided to hit the streets and speak to residents one-by-one, ensuring […]

Carver Mitigation Project!

As a specialist of preparedness I feel wildly qualified to talk about the fire/flood preparedness project the AmeriCorps brigadiers engaged in this weekend. But really, I just want to share […]

Smoke Alarm FAIL

This photo — from the There, I Fixed It blog — kind of says it all: Note that we do not recommend this solution to the problem. We do, however, […]

Our Hillsboro Mitigation Project By The Numbers!

Together We Prepare Hillsboro was our weekend project that’s received a few posts already. To truly see the accomplishments of this event, here are the numbers for supplies we distributed, […]

Hey! Like free stuff that saves your life?

If you answered no to this…you may want to seek professional help. The point of this post is, for qualifying individuals (senior citizens and those with disabilities or lower incomes), […]

Tweet Tweet! Automatic Smoke Alarm Reminders

Remembering to check your smoke alarm just got a lot easier.  The L.A. Fire Department – already leaders in social media – have started a new twitter account that does […]

Reminder: Time to check your smoke detectors!

Yesterday one of my friends posted on twitter “First Sunday of the month–time to check your smoke detectors!” He posts these reminders every month, and he’s not even a Red […]