Punky And Her Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Aside from being Rabbit, Rabbit Day and the start of hurricane season, it’s also the first day of CPR/AED Awareness Week which — as you might imagine — is a favorite around these parts.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might recall that last year we brought you a CPR “video of the day” all week long, and this year we’re pleased to do it again. As always, we’re open to your video suggestions, criticism of the life-saver’s technique and any other thoughts you want to share.

Today’s video goes back to my own childhood and features 80’s rainbow-colored sensation, Punky Brewster. Cherie’s heart stops after she gets stuck in an old refrigerator while playing Hide and Seek. Henry doesn’t know what to do, but fortunately Punky and Margaux do. Watch now.

Inspired by Punky and her trend-setting, life-saving wardrobe? You can be just like her by taking a CPR class…and investing in some mix-and-match tennis shoes.


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