CPR Has “Zero Effect”

So this last CPR video is one that’s close to my heart.

Not because it’s a particularly good demonstration of CPR — in fact, one of the YouTube commenters said that the use of CPR here would have “zero effect” — but because Zero Effect is an adorably sweet and charming movie that is vastly overlooked and underappreciated.

Oh, and better yet, it was filmed in Portland, so Oregonians should have a fun time watching and spotting things like the old (yet very familiar) carpets in the PDX airport.

Honestly, if you haven’t watched Zero Effect (with Ben Stiller and Bill Pullman), you’re missing out. And if you haven’t ever learned CPR, well, you’re missing out, too.

P.S. Portlanders might also be interested to note that the movie soundtrack includes Heatmiser’s “Rest My Head Against The Wall.”

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