#Just1Thing: Winner Announced!

Before I get to the winner of our #Just1Thing contest, I want to share with you all the responses we received.It’s pretty cool to think that all of these things happened over the last month — we hope this list inspires you to think about what small steps YOU can take to be prepared for anything!KalCobalt: Gave house keys to trusted folks so if I’m separated from home by an emergency, my kitty can be cared for!

KalCobalt: I live alone so when I leave friends’ homes late/in bad weather I schedule a “home safe” text. No text=rescue time!

portlandgeneral: We heart preparedness! You know we’re gonna say our #just1thing is an outage kit – battery powered light, radio, etc.

lkissler: I keep lists of emergency numbers in multiple locations: home, work, car, phone, email/online #just1thing

JohnDSolomon: In addition, of course, to listening to the Ready Radio show, I just replenished my extra battery supply

LouiseHornor: If we get separated from each other or our RV, our emergency meeting place will be closest Red Cross chapter. #just1thing

OberLaw: have beefed up supplies and created redundancy – car, home, work. inventoried everything w/ expiration dates!

nika7k: am dehydrating fruits, veg, trail mixes, and backpacking soups in case we have to eat w/o power! #just1thing

artisticbaker: I’m trying to keep first aid supplies handy in our house

MelindaJoy926: I’m buying bottled water

jcrawfordor: Finally joining Amateur Radio Group to participate in disaster management trainings.

bbenagni: September is preparedness month! In the office, we are doing mandatory management fire safety training.

OberLaw: finished installing child locks on kitchen cabinets so stuff doesn’t fly all around.

StumptownMom: My 1 thing presch emerg plan

alancsmith: For disaster preparedness, the last thing I’ve done is to check over our first aid supplies.

Bolz42: My #just1thing for today…staying home and not getting the office sick… 🙂

saraiderin: My one thing is washing my hands often as to not spread germs.

JohnDSolomon: putting ICE contact numbers into my cellphone was #just1thing i did today

kberkery: My #just1thing is learning social media at the OEMA conference with other Emer Mgrs. So amazing, going to help is communicate! #oema

winnie3k: To be more prepared, we are canning homemade grape juice to keep in our pantry. Fruit’s a necessity in our house!

kevintron: Thanks for the reminder! Bottled 12 gallons of tap water today to slightly improve my disaster readiness.

ENeitzel: Refreshing my supply cache ie. water, books, batteries etc.

dillpicklechips: My #just1thing to get prepared is to make sure I always have nearly a full tank of gas. Disaster = HUGE lineups at stations

mariuccia: I have my portable file with copies of all my important papers in it. I can grab and go in case of an emergency.

LastSup: Does an always fully stocked liquor cabinet count? (Also, dynamo-powered flashlights to find the booze in the dark)

LastSup: But in all seriousness, replenishing canned-good supplies and stocking extra cook stove fuel

eakunkel: I’m putting together a disaster supplies kit (http://bit.ly/RLFvb) for the folks I’m house-sitting forBTW, you definitely want to follow all these folks on Twitter. If, for no other reason, than because they’ll probably be prepared to save your life in an emergency.

And now for our winner, picked totally at random….

And thanks to everyone for participating.
Our tweeps rock!

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