Get your pet out of a “pickle”

So… my cat Pickles got the cat flu recently, sending me into a tizzy about how to prepare for and prevent any more Pickles-related emergencies. If she had needed first aid, would I have known what to do? Looks like I’d better get myself to a Red Cross pet CPR/First Aid class stat! We offer classes in both doggy and kitty first aid, so get signed up and get trained!

Now, Pickles getting the flu may have only seemed disastrous to me; but real disasters do happen – displacing pets from their owners and leaving owners unable to provide well for their scared furry, feathery, or scaly friends! Luckily, our friends at Washington County Small Animal Shelter have some great info available, such as creating a 72-hr kit tailored to your pet’s needs!

With all that pet safety help out there, I’m feeling better already.


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