Poll: CPR Happy Hour…What’s Your Thought?

Tomorrow afternoon, we’re doing some brainstorming.

We’ve held a few Singles CPR classes and, though they’ve all been fantastic, they’ve never managed to achieve the stunning success of the inaugural Valentine’s Day event. That one was a stunner — attracting 38, uh, attractive men and women…way more than a normal class.

But, generally speaking, a non-V-Day event attracts more like 15-18 people. And definitely more girls than guys. While I think we’ve been “advertising” (‘cuz we don’t have funds to pay for it) and partnering with the right folks, I tend to think that paying $40 and spending 4 hours in an class that’s not required by your work could be spendy.

Especially if you’re really there to meet people…not just learn CPR.

And even more especially if you’re part of the unemployed/underemployed 25-40 year old age group that we’re sadly seeing so much of in Portland.

So a new idea has sprung.

How about a non-certification CPR Happy Hour? Still in a sweet location. Still lots of mixing and mingling. Still learning the skills to save a life. But making it more like $15-$20. And more like 1.5-2 hours.

Sure, you won’t be certified (which will mean the folks who need it for work will head to Comedy CPR or a regular class instead), but you will know how to help someone in an emergency. And isn’t it part of our mission to educate as many people as possible about how to do just that?

And, of course, we’ll still hold a certification-filled Singles CPR on Valentine’s Day 2010.

So, give us your thoughts in this poll. And make sure to leave comments about what idea YOU think will work best to teach a new generation of Portlanders the skills to save a life!

One thought on “Poll: CPR Happy Hour…What’s Your Thought?

  • I 100% support this! I would love to attend with Kyle. Yet another fun, creative idea from you guys!

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