Prepare-aphernalia: Emergency Tea

[Stifling giddy giggles…] This Pembrokeshire Tea Company “Emergency Tea” campaign is my new favorite thing.

An emergency stash of tea – much like an emergency stash of coffee – is actually an excellent idea for your emotional (and possibly physical, depending on your level of caffeine dependence) health during a disaster. Plus, I’m pretty sure the “Emergency Tea Units” are a clever play on Red Cross ERUs (Emergency Response Units), which are rad in their own right.
And check it out – in addition to emergency tea packages, they have mugs, shirts, and an even an Emergency Tea Unit Field Agent’s Handbook, billed as: The field guide to Tea production, engineering and consumption under any circumstances or locations.
Truly, essential prepare-aphernalia.

Global monitoring room for tea emergencies.

Thanks to Audrey for tipping me off to Emergency Tea. And – by the way – if anyone reading this is planning on getting me a holiday gift, I wouldn’t having my own adopted tea plant. Just sayin’…


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