On Beer, Pregnant Women and CPR…

Q: What do you get when you combine 11 pregnant women and an Oregon brewery?

A: An infant CPR class for new parents, of course!

Sure, it’s not a great punchline, but it’s the honest truth. Here’s the scoop:

Carrie Benson was interested in attending the New Parent class at Milagros here in Portland, but wondered if she could host her own in Hood River instead.

We said sure and Carrie went to work, gathering up 11 of her friends from yoga and other baby classes. The fine folks at Double Mountain Brewery then generously donated a room for the training (but no adult beverages, we promise!).

Carrie’s training will take place tomorrow, but yours can take place any time. Just get in touch, pick which class you want and round up a few friends. We’ll do it in the comfort of your home, your office…or your favorite brewpub.

Photo courtesy of MestreechCity