• Last week Clare brought up the idea of adding brownies to a disaster kit, and I thought it was amusing that the next day a relevant Pentagon document was leaked. The 26-page instruction manual is for making military-issue brownies. Apparently all the extra pages are for the proper preparation and packaging so that these brownies will last… upwards of 25 years! Sounds like something for a disaster kit to me…

    Although they apparently don't taste very good…

  • That video was hilarious!
    Though it's kind of shameful to think those guys were more prepared than my dad. XD

    As for what's in my (personal) disaster kit? Well, being an OBSESSIVE soap-and-body-product-maker, I have a few bars of soap (three, to be exact!), some small containers of lotion, lip balm, and small bottles of shampoo and liquid soap, and in the future, calendula salve.
    I also have some hair things, a washcloth, a set of clothing, sunglasses, a mini first aid kit (I carry a full-sized one with me wherever I go) a copy of The Demigod Files, a box of tea candles, other assorted candles, my box of special things (containing such objects as a Serbian ten-dinara coin, two Camp Cleawox bead necklaces, and a half-burnt wishboat candle) and the letters my overseas friends have sent me.

    Well, you asked. 😛

    I know it doesn't have any food or water or a radio in it, which is why I've convinced my parents that we need a proper disaster kit! They said it would be a good summer project for me, since I shamed them into paying for it!

    PS Scott, I showed that link to my Leadership teacher and a few classmates this morning. The students all had a good laugh, while the teacher started grumbling about where our taxes are going and how they should be paying for charter schools, not for military brownies! Thanks for sharing that, it spiced up a long period spent working on our business plans. (Which are fun until you finish them, like I have. XD)

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