Portland Pirate Pride!

“Avast ye bilge-sucking seadog! Keelhaul the scallywag over Davy Jones’ locker! …Are you completely confused? If so, you need to brush up on your Pirate English!

This weekend is the ultimate time for pirate antics in Portland and beyond for the state of Oregon. Our great state can take pride knowing that “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” an official holiday as far as I’m concerned, originated in our very own backyard!

Come celebrate the Portland Pirate Festival on September 18th and 19th, and Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th (although I feel that this may unofficially be celebrated on Saturday as well).

Partying the pirate way is sure to be a swashbuckling adventure, but the Red Cross recommends that you consider a few pirate-centered safety themes, including:

CPR – Walking the plank may leave you with more than the taste of sea salt in your mouth. Brush up on your CPR skills so you can revive even the guiltiest pirates!

First Aid – Crossing cutlass and buccaneer blade, there are bound to be many abrasions, contusions, punctures and lacerations. Additionally, living life on the high seas may result in scurvy, nausea and other health emergencies. A pirate without a game plan for wounds and illness is no pirate at all.

Blood – Sure, many pirates unintentionally give blood while battling it out for doubloons, booty and other treasure. But pillage or not, stocking up on some O negative blood (the universal type) will be sure to keep your crew in shipshape while sailing the seven seas. Our Red Cross bloodmobiles roll out in search of this real treasure every day!

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Your pirate adventure begins tomorrow!

Pirate festival graphic courtesy of portlandpiratefestival.com