Portland Pirate Pride!

“Avast ye bilge-sucking seadog! Keelhaul the scallywag over Davy Jones’ locker! …Are you completely confused? If so, you need to brush up on your Pirate English! This weekend is the […]

Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all the Red Cross activity going on lately! A Star Wars blood drive, youth awards, a Zombie Squad preparedness night, Twilight movie jewelry […]

Muslim Community Blood Drive

Remember two weeks ago when I posted about the chance at Blazers Tickets? Turns out there is a great story behind it, and KGW has the scoop! The Portland chapter […]

Spring Cleaning Can Wait. Let’s Go Shopping!

I just love to shop, especially in the Spring, when the sun is out(at least part-time) and the flowers are blooming. Hey, speaking of flowers,try incorporating a floral print or […]