Prepare-aphernalia: A Sleeping Bag Coat

A hat tip to our colleague Nathan down in Eugene who sent us this one…

A Detroit art student has designed the Elements S[urvival] coat – a versatile, super-warm garment that doubles as a sleeping bag. She intends it to be used by people currently experiencing homelessness, but we think it could potentially be useful to anyone who loses their home to a disaster. In other words, a great piece of prepare-aphernalia to have in your emergency kit.

It’s currently in the prototype phase so you can’t buy one just yet, but it sounds like production will be getting started soon. We’re looking forward to the day when this ingenious piece of clothing hits the commercial market.


  • I heard about this on NPR. It's great to see someone so young helping others. It may not be the most attractive piece of clothing, but it has life-saving potential.

  • A student of mine came to school on Friday with a North Face coat that turns into a backpack. He tells me it costs $400… A little out of my price range, but definitely an interesting piece of prepare-aphernalia!

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