Prepare-aphernalia: Earthquake-Safe Bed

I. Want. This. Bed.

Inventor Wang Wenxi (who has personally experienced several earthquakes in China) has won over my heart with this gorgeous piece of furniture designed to keep you safe from falling debris.

And just look at it! Don’t you want to snuggle into that cozy, sleek, safe little nest of sheets and pillows? (No offense to the pod bed, but this just looks so much more comfy.)

And to top it off… wait for it… built-in storage. (To store more prepare-aphernalia, perhaps? Boots? Mini-emergency kit?)

Excuse me while I swoon.

One thought on “Prepare-aphernalia: Earthquake-Safe Bed

  • Although I consider it a fantastic thing that we don't have much earthquake activity up here in Buffalo, NY… It’s still totally possible that we could have one, so I can definitely rationalize putting that amazingly comfy and warm looking bed on my wish list!

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