Prepare-aphernalia: A Compact Card-Shaped Razor

I present to you, the Carzor – a razor and mirror that folds up like a credit card to fit in your wallet.

In my book this sleek little wonder of modern design ranks 10 out of 10 on the handy-in-a-disaster scale.

Why? Well, not only would it make a great addition to your disaster kit, but having a razor on hand could help save someone’s life.

If you ever have to use an AED on a man who has gone into cardiac arrest, you’ll want to get the hair off his chest so you can stick the adhesive shock pads on. Some AED kits come with disposable razors for just this purpose, but if you’ve already got a razor with you you’re one step ahead of the game.

How much is a life worth? More than $17? Well then, the Carzor may just be a preparedness investment worth making.

[Note: We don’t endorse, nor sell, the prepare-aphernalia products we feature here. We just like to share cool stuff we come across.]

Hat tip to Wendy.

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