The Give!Guide Way of Zen and Hipness

The Oregon Red Cross is participating in the Willamette Week Give!Guide for the very first time this year. This is a big deal for us because the Give!Guide raised an amazing $1.16 million for local organizations last year. Way to go Portland Hipsters! It also means we’re being recognized for our coolness factor as we now qualify to rub elbows with said Hipsters… You’ll find the Give!Guide tucked inside the latest issue of Willamette Week.Or, cut to the chase by going online to the Give!Guide. Yes, we know you’ll be distracted by the puppies and kittens (we were), but don’t forget your buds. You can support the Red Cross, get a free pizza from our awesome sponsor, Papa Murphy’s (for a donation of $25), qualify for Hipster Doofus status (that’s much higher than mere Hipster) and be entered into various drawings through the Give!Guide for fabulous prizes.But wait, there’s more! For a donation of $50 or more, you will become a Zen Hipster and be entered into an Oregon Red Cross drawing to win a huge 4 person family emergency kit worth $165! Donate, eat pizza and tweet your friends so they can be hip too by contributing through the Give!Guide.We’ve also created a neat little video for the Give!Guide Channel where the Grim Reaper gets his butt kicked by Hipster Red Crossers in all kinds of different disasters. It’s called Celebrate Life!

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