Without the Red Cross, We Would Have Been Lost

Volunteers come from many walks of life. For some, it is a chance to give back to their communities. For Francklin Morose, a volunteer with the American Red Cross on Long Island, it’s much deeper than that— as his journey began with the world literally crumbling at his feet.Morose was at his accounting job in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12, 2010—the day of the worst earthquake in the island nation’s history.It began with a simple shake he recalled. He and his colleagues thought a big truck had driven by.
“Then,” he said, “everything started to fall down—the walls, the ceiling.”With all the entrances blocked, Morose and his colleagues were forced to jump to the ground from a second story bathroom window. That’s when they realized an earthquake had struck.“The whole block was dark; everything had changed,” Morose said.He described buildings destroyed; communications disrupted; trees down; and people who were bloodied and bruised running through the streets. He made his way home and found it destroyed.That night, Morose located his family in a park, among hundreds of others that had lost their homes.
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How the Red Cross is Helping

“Since January 2010, Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross have joined together to bring lasting change to families in Haiti. Today, many families left homeless by the earthquake have a safe and decent place to call home because of the commitment and hard work of our local teams. I wish to thank the American Red Cross for their partnership in bringing housing and hope to the people of Haiti.” – Jonathan Reckford, chief executive officer, Habitat for Humanity.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the American Red Cross is still at work in Haiti, rebuilding what the earthquake destroyed and working with local communities to make them safer and healthier. We have built homes, given people opportunities to earn money, provided access to clean water and sanitation systems, supported the delivery of health care, and taught communities how to prevent the spread of diseases and to be better prepared for future disasters. While our plans may evolve to respond to changing needs, in the coming years we will continue to help people leave camps to return to communities, and we will work to make these communities safe, healthy and vibrant.Learn more about the Red Cross response in Haiti.Learn more about the Red Cross response.

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