Anticipation is High as the Civil War Quickly Approaches

November is already almost within arm’s reach and both
Oregon football programs remain undefeated. National Title implications will
likely be on the line this year if the Ducks and Beavers can win-out the
remainder of their schedule, leading up to the always eventful Civil War. The
rivalry is one of the oldest in college football, so why not use this
long-standing rivalry for an opportunity to do some good? Despite the obvious
“good” noted by the coverage for the school and the entertainment for the fans,
a newer tradition is here to stay for these schools, blood donation.

The Civil War Blood Drive is kicking off its eleventh
year of holding true to the competitive spirit, while attaining blood for those
in need. Both Oregon and Oregon State are participating in the drive, happening
from November 1 through the 17th. All participants in the drive are
able to vote for their school, all leading up to the announcement of the
winning university at halftime of the Civil War.

The event has brought in nearly 67,000 donors in its 11-year
run and this year the hope is to improve on last years’ 6,586 fans presenting
to give. There will be a Civil War Blood Drive kickoff event on November 1 from
9-10 A.M. at the Portland Red Cross, located in Portland at 3131 N Vancouver Avenue.
Mascots, free food and drinks, prize giveaways and the revealing of the Civil
War themed bloodmobile will all be part of the event. Fun, food, and
festivities, all in the good nature of competition, but the contributions from
fans of both teams make a lifesaving difference. 

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