Science ‘Fact’ion

A (good) problem the geniuses behind science fiction are having these days is that the ‘fiction’ keeps becoming ‘fact’. Many of the items from Star Trek have become a reality, […]

Mass Care Newsletter: First Issue

From international disasters such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti, to local emergencies such as house fires and floods, the American Red Cross is iconic as a shelter and feeding […]

North Dakota: How We’re Helping

Just to give you a quick update on how Oregonians are helping out in North Dakota: On Saturday morning, two volunteers from our chapter headed to Fargo to help with […]

No Free Lunch; Yes Free Training

With the economy the way it is, you might be thinking about going back to school. But unless you manage to get into this program, it’s probably going to cost […]

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav is making headlines and the American Red Cross is getting ready. Chapters across the Southeast are preparing to receive evacuees. Over the next two days the Red Cross […]