Giving a New ‘Leash’ on Life

KVAL (Eugene) has their top story this weekend spotlighting a very special blood donor! Meet Ginger, an active Springfield blood donor. At only eight and a half years old, she […]

Photos from Tails and Ales!

I’ve been waiting for the photos from the DoveLewis Tails and Ales event to pop up and — voila! — here (and here) they are. As you might remember, the […]

Have You Ever Seen A Pet-A-Kin?

If your pet suddenly stopped breathing or broke a bone, would you know what to do? When it comes to saving lives here at the Red Cross, we care just […]

May 17: Beer, Baths and Blood?

Sure, it sounds like the carnage from an X-rated horror flick, but it’s actually the Tails and Ales Dog Wash and the start of a brand-new partnership between the American […]