PHOTO: A Shocking Display

From National Geographic: Lightning crackles over Japan on Friday (1/28) as ash and lava erupt from Shinmoedake peak, one of the calderas of the Kirishima volcano complex. Shinmoedake began erupting […]

The Lightning Always Strikes Twice

We’ve talked before about being fans of weird weather phenomena, but here’s a good one. On Tuesday night in Seattle, lightning struck THRICE. Check out the video: You can read […]

Volcanoes and Lightning: Together At Last

Every once in a while, we’ll just have so many super cool things to blog about that the slightly less interesting or slightly more time-consuming posts fall by the wayside. […]

A Lesson on Lightning

I might not be able to predict earthquakes, but I could definitely see the signs of a summer storm yesterday afternoon. The sky was gray, the air humid and rain […]