The More Things Change…

For those of you who used to subscribe to the Ready Radio podcast on iTunes, you’ve probably been wondering what the heck happened to us. Surprise! Nothing happened to us. […]

Ready Radio Reading

Podcast listeners love books. There’s got to be a study somewhere that says that. Why else would there be so many audio books and book review podcasts? On that assumption… […]

Tune In, Animal Lovers!

Got a cat? A dog? A lizard? An urban chicken? Then you might find today’s episode of Ready Radio pretty handy. This time we focused our preparedness podcast on pets. […]

An Abundance of Audio

Reminder: New episodes were just posted for two podcasts that should be on your essential playlist… 1. Our very own Ready Radio, hosted by yours truly and Lise, is a […]

Listen Up, Listen In!

Yesterday was the debut episode of our new internet radio show/podcast, Ready Radio! The show is all about preparedness – making it relevant and fun while giving you practical tips […]

What Would You Do With 250 Tons of Dates?

Find out how one Red Cross worker in Iraq cleverly used that gigantic date donation on the pilot edition of the new Red Cross podcast, Cross The Globe.  But that’s […]