An Abundance of Audio

Reminder: New episodes were just posted for two podcasts that should be on your essential playlist…

1. Our very own Ready Radio, hosted by yours truly and Lise, is a fairly light-hearted podcast all about preparedness. (You know I’m shy about self-promotion, but since you’re already reading this blog I figure you like to hear what we have to say.)

On Episode #4 – which we recorded live yesterday – we take on the task of myth-busting for everything from snakebite first aid to severe weather phenomena. We also interview Professor Cliff Mass, the atmospheric scientist who began his career working with Carl Sagan and literally wrote the book on The Weather of the Pacific Northwest.

2. Cross the Globe is created by our fabulous International Services colleagues at NHQ. Their worldwide partnerships give them the ability to literally interview people across the globe as well as here in the U.S.

On Episode #6 they talk to:

  • Vasil Mavigadze age 20 – who found himself leading all of the volunteers in the Red Cross Society of Georgia during the conflict between Georgia and Russia.
  • Lindsey Nies, age 18 – a CPR instructor in Pittsburg who had an opportunity to apply her lessons in real life.

Both of these are pretty short podcasts. You could fit them both in on your lunchbreak. So give ’em a listen!

One thought on “An Abundance of Audio

  • So I JUST caught up on the radio show.

    1. Now that Lise recommends "Right At Your Door" I'll definitely be checking it out.

    2. I think it's hilarious that The Unthinkable's section on rhythmic breathing for gunslingers is titled "Combat Lamaze." I hope police trainers use a "tougher" title when they teach breathing skills or they might lose some recruits!

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