Vintage Video: Why Not Live?

Kids playing with matches. Dramatic car accidents. Hands sliced open on can openers. Seriously, you’ll want to watch this. Once you’ve decided that you really DO want to live, perhaps […]

WWII Red Cross Girl

I thought this vintage photo and the attached caption were very affecting. The caption reads: “It hardly matters whether the evocation of Joan of Arc in this photograph was intentional […]


I’m not sure that there’s anything more to say than that THESE ARE AWESOME. Oh, and that I think we need to revisit a Comedy Central partnership. Special thanks to […]

Remain Calm, Place Newspaper Over Head

This stick figure illustrated guide of what to do in case of a nuclear attack evidently comes from the early ’80s. But it reminds me more of the 1957 PDX […]

A Bit of History…

This morning I met someone who absolutely warmed my heart. Ray Schumacher, 82, drove to the Red Cross Portland Center to deliver a piece of our history: his wife’s Red […]

Historic Hygiene: Red Cross TP

How many other non-profits can say that they have their own branded toilet paper? My guess…none. This historic hygiene item was spotted by our friend and blog reader Elana. According […]

A Day Called “X”

“Ladies and gentleman. You’ve heard the reports that enemy planes are approaching. In less than 3 hours, an H-bomb might fall over Portland.” And so begins my new #1 favorite […]

Flickr Finds: Oregon Red Cross Nurses

Look at these ladies, circa 1952! I can’t decide what I like better — the fashion and the hairstyles or the sweet bus. Now that’s the sort of ride I’d […]

Swinging The Night Away

Every once in a while, I hear about things at work that we USED to do, but don’t do anymore. Most of them are no big loss, but every once […]

Summer Fashion: Red Hot Vintage Blood Tees

Are you cool enough to rock this shirt? Vintage Blood Tees are totally all the rage this summer…”No they’re not,” you say? Well, they could be. Like most weekends, I […]