Winter Is Coming…

Okay, I will admit that Game of Thrones has sucked me in. Yet apparently NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and House Stark share the same warning, ‘Winter Is Coming’. […]

REMINDER: Tornado Alley Strikes Portland

Tonight’s the night! Head on over to OMSI’s Film Festival for the premiere of Tornado Alley (it’ll keep airing through the weekend), a flick that — with all the vivid […]

A Weather Reminder

As I look out my window, I see rain and grey skies. And as I look at the forecast — lo and behold! — MORE showers are on the horizon. […]

PHOTO: A Shocking Display

From National Geographic: Lightning crackles over Japan on Friday (1/28) as ash and lava erupt from Shinmoedake peak, one of the calderas of the Kirishima volcano complex. Shinmoedake began erupting […]

Emergency Warming Centers: Providing Hope

It’s hard not to feel downtrodden after watching the recent news stories of disasters happening in our city, our country and around the world. Flooding, mudslides, shootings. It’s overwhelming and […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Climate Controlled Clothing

More fashion-forward prepare-aphernalia here… These light-weight clothes will help you weather the weather whatever the weather, whether you like it or not. How? By keeping you climate-controlled no matter what […]

How Much Does A Hurricane Weigh?

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” That may be what the guy in this video says, but I know YOU feel differently. The answer depends on whether you measure […]

Friday Final Cut

It’s Friday, and I once again find myself with a plethora of stories. So here’s your final cut…everything that I want to share, but don’t have time to blog. Enjoy! […]