REMINDER: Tornado Alley Strikes Portland

Tonight’s the night!
Head on over to OMSI’s Film Festival for the premiere of Tornado Alley (it’ll keep airing through the weekend), a flick that — with all the vivid qualities of IMAX — will bring you as close to the eye of a storm as you’ll ever want to get.
Tornadoes aren’t something we see often in this part of the country (with the exception of Aumsville) though if you’ve been watching the news, you’ve surely seen their impact on states including Alabama and Missouri. The only way I’d want to get this close to a tornado is on a giant screen — if you feel the same way, you definitely won’t want to miss this film. Added bonus: You’ll get to tour the Doppler on Wheels from the movie!
P.S. Clean-up after the spring storms and tornadoes still continues. If you’d like to make a gift to support relief efforts, you can do so here.