In the Time it Takes to Give Blood…

Farmville, Facebook, squirrels on water skis…we’re all guilty of a little internet distraction (Red Cross followers are exempt!). However, when getting hooked on useless web browsing, do you ever wish […]

“Speak Up!” With Safety Video Contest

Remember these videos? Sure, they may not have won any Oscars, but the (over)acting was definitely noteworthy. And it’s impressive to think that this level of creativity came from the […]

Haiti Earthquake: Six Months Later

Six months ago today, the world was stunned as a powerful earthquake shook Haiti, destroying buildings, schools and lives. Today, recovery efforts march on and the global Red Cross network […]

Discrimination Sux

Around the globe, Red Cross societies are celebrating World Refugee Week (June 20-26). And we would expect nothing less than awesome from the Australian Red Cross in honor of the […]

VIDEO: Demi’s Visit To Chile

I don’t know much about Demi Lovato, but judging by this video, she seems like an awfully big-hearted young woman. Demi went to Chile with the Red Cross and was […]

We (Still) Shine As One

I didn’t want to let World Blood Donor Day pass without sharing MY favorite video. Here’s Robin lipsynching the theme song “We Shine As One.” Lyrics are available, if you’d […]

How Fire Extinguishers Work

This weekend, a friend of mine was telling me about buying t-shirts from Woot. Woot, I wondered? But isn’t Woot all electronics and tech stuff? Evidently I haven’t looked in […]

Vintage Video: Why Not Live?

Kids playing with matches. Dramatic car accidents. Hands sliced open on can openers. Seriously, you’ll want to watch this. Once you’ve decided that you really DO want to live, perhaps […]

Blood Cell Bakery

Learning about blood can apparently make you hungry! At least when you learn about blood through cookies. The cookie-artist hands of Ms. Humble from Not So Humble Pie joined the […]