I Only Drink Tap Water

Yay! Our arch rivals, I mean, good friends at the Portland Water Bureau just sent us some super cool schwag: a Bull Run Water carafe, and a bunch of hip illustrated bumper stickers and window clings that say “I only drink tap water.” It’s a part of their campaign to bring awareness to the importance of a reliable, clean water system.

This week in particular we’re reminded of how much we appreciate our water system – not just for drinking but also for fighting fires.  Thanks, Water Bureau! 
Are you a water lover too? If you’re in my general vicinity, come and pick up a bumper sticker! I’ve got plenty.

One thought on “I Only Drink Tap Water

  • Much love from your good friends at the Water Bureau!! If you run out, make sure to let me know – – I’ll send more ,your way!

    And…for the biking community, we’re on the cusp of receiving our new bike-sized “tap water” stickers — coming soon!

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