Charles Drew Blood Drive

On Saturday, June 12, the Portland Red Cross hosted the Charles Drew Blood Drive. It was a huge success, not just for bringing in blood donations, but for strengthening our […]

There’s A New Crew In Town…

The Red Cross loves zombies. Well…more accurately, we love to prepare against zombies. From the latest Zombotica fundraiser to Ready Radio episodes to our virtual friends on Second Life, our […]

Together We Prepare New Columbia and Tamarack

For our chapter, when disaster strikes in a neighborhood, is isn’t enough to offer prevention strategies through literature alone…we’ve decided to hit the streets and speak to residents one-by-one, ensuring […]

Vote For Me!

I usually dread the day my Nationwide bill arrives each month, but after learning that the insurance company has supported the Red Cross for 25-plus years, I’ll pay with pride. […]

Shelters and Centers and Partners…Oh My!

With all the talk about Emergency Warming Centers over the past two weeks, you probably are thinking that we haven’t been up to much else. But you’d be so wrong! […]

Slaughter House! This Weekend!

Okay, so it’s really not my kind of entertainment, but I know a lot of you out there totally dig haunted houses.  And it is for you that I post […]

I Only Drink Tap Water

Yay! Our arch rivals, I mean, good friends at the Portland Water Bureau just sent us some super cool schwag: a Bull Run Water carafe, and a bunch of hip illustrated bumper stickers […] 1UPing Disasters

Formerly “Ike’ll Get No Sympathy From Us!”, has revamped the competition and decided to take on ALL disasters. It’s now called “ 1UPing Disasters.” It makes sense.  I mean gamers battle […]

Check Out The Rodeo Photos!

Yee-haw! You can now see all the photos from the 2008 Northwest Emergency Response Team Rodeo on our Flickr page!What’s the rodeo, pardner? It’s a drill involving 200 CERT and […]

Game Day #1: Yankees Follow The Celtic’s Lead

[Sometimes a theme emerges without us even trying. Today’s theme is “Game Day.” This is the first of three – maybe more – posts.] First football, then basketball, now baseball. […]