Game Day #1: Yankees Follow The Celtic’s Lead

[Sometimes a theme emerges without us even trying. Today’s theme is “Game Day.” This is the first of three – maybe more – posts.]

First football, then basketball, now baseball. Sports teams across the nation are joining the effort to help disaster survivors. The New York Yankees, like the Boston Celtics, have announced a major donation to the Disaster Relief Fund – they’re giving $1million dollars to be split between the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. 

Which means – I’m assuming it’s an even split – $500,000 for the Disaster Relief Fund. This is an excellent contribution to this year’s goal of $100 million. 

Like Lise, I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but in this instance I won’t hesitate to say “Go, Yankees!” Now if only a team from my favorite sport would join the cause…