Game Day #2: ERU “The Red Cross Game”

This morning I learned that there’s a Red Cross computer game! Created by the Netherlands Red Cross Society (in conjunction with a video game developer), it’s a Sim City-style game in which you control an Emergency Response Unit (ERU). 

I just played the online demo, and it’s pretty cool. I responded to an earthquake in Argentina and tasks came up like “clear debris,” and “send supplies to refugees.” The debris was a breeze, but when I flew the airplane over the refugees to drop supplies, I dropped half of them into the forest. Oops!
Maybe you can do better than me. Go play the free trial, and if you like it you can buy the full version. 50% of the net proceeds go to the International Red Cross
Yet another way to game for a good cause

One thought on “Game Day #2: ERU “The Red Cross Game”

  • I love the idea of the game, but not the game itself. I spent about 20 minutes on it and could not figure it out and I got bored. Robin, I want to lean this, show me jedi master!!

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