Shake, Rattle, and Drill.

Tomorrow morning at 10am, more than 5 million Southern Californians will all do the exact same thing – and no, it’s not audition for the next American Idol.  No, they will all – simulataneously – drop, cover, and hold on.

It’s part of The Great Shakeout – a massive drill being touted as the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history. And leave it to Southern Californians to make an earthquake drill into epic event with a rock and roll vibe! This is the most hard rockin’ preparedness video I’ve ever seen: 
So if you’re a SoCal resident, sign up to participate. (The clock is ticking.) And even if you’re not, check out the sleekly interactive, where you can – among other things – play an animated quiz game that challenges your earthquake readiness.
Good luck to my friends in L.A. who will hopefully be participating in this after being shaken by that quake back in May
P.S. Thanks to Scott Zeilenga for the reminder on his blog.


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