Shake ‘n’ Quake

Do you know where you’ll be in precisely 19 hours? I do — under my desk. That’s because at 10:15 a.m. tomorrow, thousands of Oregonians will “Drop, Cover, and Hold […]

This Weekend: Damascus Shelter Exercise

A fast moving wildfire has broken out in heavily wooded areas just 10 miles east of Damascus. Fifty residents will be forced out of their homes – would you be […]

Earthquake Drill!

We practice the preparedness we preach here at the Red Cross.  Today – the final day of Earthquake Preparedness Month – our AmeriCorps team surprised us with the annual office […]

Drill-a In Umatilla

This month, we’ve been busy with lots of drills; testing our capacity to respond to disasters around the state. Yesterday there was one out in Umatilla…here’s a recap: (BTW, we […]

Drills: Testing How We Deal With Pet Snakes

You’re staffing a Red Cross shelter. How would you work with a client who: Wanted to bring in a pet snake?Was mute and asking for water?Was diabetic and had lost […]

Calling All Gamers: The Great Shakeout Continues…

What 5 million Californians did yesterday was only the beginning.  The Great Shakeout will continue online for the next three weeks in an alternate reality game. Appropriately named Aftershock, the game […]

So Did California Survive The Shakeout?

Yesterday was The Great Southern California Shakeout and I’ve been looking around for photos and coverage of what actually happened. Sadly, I can’t find much, but I’m hoping more reports […]

Shake, Rattle, and Drill.

Tomorrow morning at 10am, more than 5 million Southern Californians will all do the exact same thing – and no, it’s not audition for the next American Idol.  No, they […]