Did Holly Save A Life? Stone Soup Continues…

I know you’ve been wondering about the dramatic outcome of the Stone Soup comic strip this week. Well, here you go:

And here’s the one for today:
See?!?!?! Knowing first aid really CAN save a life…even in the comics! And it gets you hugs, which are always nice.If you want to learn how to do abdominal thrusts and get lots of hugs yourself, sign up for a class.


  • I am surprised you didn’t finish this out as Hoooly learned how to save a life through a Babysitting class she took (reluctantly) which saved her sister’s life. These classes can help save a life.

  • What?!?! I think the last one I posted was on Friday, so I figured the story was over. This is what happens when YOU don’t send us the strips and I have to do the work on my own! Thanks a lot, Dede.

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