Prepare-aphernalia: A New Wind/Solar Charger

This new solar/wind charger is being marketed as a “green gadget,” but of course when I see it I think disaster kit
If you – like me – have a potenially-life-saving iPhone, this could be the solution for keeping it charged during a power outage.  Unlike many other cell phone charger devices, the K2 Charger has the USB ports your iPhone needs (and mini-USB ports for you funny folks who still prefer your Blackberries). It appears that other adapters are available as well – potentially making this the emergency charger for all your devices.
The only thing it’s missing is a crank. That would make it the ultimate.
The K2 Charger is still in production, which means you can’t buy it quite yet. But keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website
Hat-tip to Mental Floss


  • Since our chapter now uses the appropriately-named Blackberry Storm, I think you need to tone down your anti-Berry comments. Obama wouldn’t like it either.

  • Oh, you had me sold until I saw the no crank comment. I bet a crank/solar/wind flashlight with a USB port will be out soon.

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