Impending Eruption In Alaska

Researchers at the Alaska Volcano Observatory say that Mount Redoubt may erupt within days

The mountain, which lies about 100 miles to the southwest across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage last erupted in 1989. That event, according to the Anchorage Daily News, “disrupted international air traffic and coated Anchorage in a thin layer of volcanic dust.”
It is quite unlikely that this eruption will really affect us here in Portland, but if you – like many Oregonians – have friends or family in Alaska, please pass on these volcano safety tips.  
And it’s never a bad time for us Oregonians to brush up on our safety knowledge since we have dozens of volcanoes along our beautiful Cascade Range.

One thought on “Impending Eruption In Alaska

  • I remember the 1989 eruption. My brother and I were supposed to fly up to Sitka at Christmas, and our flights were delayed and canceled for a day or two while they waited for a break. I was disappointed we weren’t going to be close enough to see the volcano. It affected things quite a ways south.

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