Fire Preparedness by the Numbers…

Following up to the post on the Oregon Trail Chapter’s weekend mitigation project, here’s a more numerical layout of what the Red Cross accomplished during the Hazelwood and Mill Park event:

  • Total number of households visited: 1,136
  • Total number of people talked to: 605
  • Number of first aid kits distributed: 425
  • Number of smoke alarms distributed: 120
  • Number of batteries distributed: 46
  • Total number of people volunteering: 79

This means that of the 1,136 households we approached, our awesome staff and volunteer workers talked to 53% of the residents!

For our chapter, it isn’t enough to just send out preparedness literature…we decided to hit the streets and speak one-by-one to residents to ensure the message was given out…and clearly, the legwork paid off!

I heard stories of apartment managers updating smoke detectors, talking to renters and clearing pathways for fire exits as a response to our call for preparedness. One group even provided assistance to residents who had never once used a smoke alarm!

There are many fantastic photos from the weekend (available on our Flickr site), but here’s just one example of dedicated individuals working to prevent disasters one household at a time:

Friends James and Jason stop for a quick photo (note the smoke alarm and first aid kit)


  • Nate, mucho thanks to you and the RED CROSS staff for your organization and the information that you provided for us to distribute. We look forward to volunteering in the future.



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