“Rebuilding Their Future One Fence Post At A Time”

I just read an article on Hurricane Ike that reminded me of how natural disasters often leave a mark many months and even years after the event. While it is critical to provide the basic necessities during and directly after an emergency, what can often be abandoned in news headlines are the long-term effects of disasters.

What happens to Texas cattle ranchers and the economy when environmental devastation occurs? Where are Hurricane Katrina disaster victims living after shelters were forced to close down? Many opinions are thrown around on how FEMA, the Red Cross and other emergency aid organizations help out in the long term. Rather than pass any judgment on our own organization or others, I’m simply advocating that we be cognizant of the disaster-related issues that endure past “newsworthy” articles.

Educate yourself, lend a hand and be grateful for your community coming together after an emergency threatens your well being!

Photo courtesy of worldweatherpost.com


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